Garage website proves vital to business success

Westerleigh Car Centre in Bristol has described how it had to increase its staffing levels to manage workload in what was ‘its busiest year ever’.

The independent garage, owned by Neil Skuse, puts the business’ success down to thinking outside the box when it comes to growth and investment.

After investing a six-figure sum in new premises turnover doubled, but Neil realised he had to mirror that presence online too.

Online Presence

Neil appointed us, as web design specialists in the independent garage industry. We were able to work together to further fast-track and facilitate the garage’s growth.

Westerleigh Car Centre now appears in around 170k Google results every quarter for specific garage services – the equivalent of being seen by almost 36% of the population of Bristol.

Neil said: “The website analytics are always impressive but what really matters to us is the amount of enquires we get. Moreover, direct calls from the website alone average four per day and then we get at least two online enquiry forms a day too. I’d say we convert 75 percent of all incoming enquiries into bookings, so the website pays for itself many multiple times over.

“I can’t see how any business can be without a website these days. You need to be online, there amongst your competitors and the main dealers. I absolutely wouldn’t be without mine. The huge number of referrals it generates it vital to our success.

“It not only enhances the performance of the business; it helps me to employ and retain high calibre staff. In turn, that’s good for business and customers too.”

Jim Lang, Managing Director of Garage Service Online said: “It’s always satisfying to see the real difference a bespoke website can make to an independent garage.

“We know that 70% of people would rather use an independent than a main dealer. The problem they have, is actually being able to find the garage service they’re looking for in the Google search results.

“That’s why it’s imperative that garages are as easy to find online as they are in the street.”