Award-winning garage thinks differently about customer service

Independent garage and customer P&W Auto Services, renowned for its customer service, has revealed how it responds to the way customers look for vehicle service and repair.

They recently scooped the Servicesure Award for Customer Service and noticed a trend in the growing number of online enquiries it was receiving out of hours.

Tricia Pallister, co-owner of the family-run business, first noticed the change when she started tracking the garage’s website metrics to see where the enquiries were coming from. There were lots via the website from late-night surfers and during what she assumed were the TV ad breaks.

She said: “Years ago if you wanted to book your car into the garage, you were restricted to getting in touch during opening hours. Now, I think people expect to be able to action things as soon as they come to mind – no matter what time it is.

“Thankfully, we were ahead of the curve on this. We commissioned a website with Garage Services Online and it’s literally like having another me that’s on call 24/7.

“My first job every morning is to respond to the email enquiries sent overnight via the website. These are almost always converted into bookings and those people then recommend us to other people.

“We get even more enquiries over the phone. Hardly surprising when you consider how high our website ranks in Google searches.

“It’s because the site is built to attract what our potential customers are typing into the search. It’s something that can only be truly achieved with a bespoke site.”

Online Presence

Tricia also credits the decision to get a website as a game changer for P&W Auto Services’ growth.

She continued: “Overall, it has helped the business grow massively. People liken us to a small dealership – obviously without the price tag. We’re definitely intercepting work that would have gone to a main dealer and we’re seeing a lot of in-warranty vehicles and prestigious marques.

“If our website disappeared tomorrow, trade would drop off by at least 25 percent.

“I’m absolutely thrilled to bits with it. The team at Garage Services Online offer a customer service that’s rare these days. The whole thing was effortless, quick and not expensive.

“They asked me what I wanted. I got it. And boy is it delivering.”

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