Don’t get left without an online presence!

With the announcement that Google will be shutting down their basic business sites this March, many garages may be scrambling for solutions.

On March 1st, their basic business websites (often with addresses ending in “”) are hitting the brakes for good. If that’s been your only online presence, you could be left behind!

Upgrade Your Game

However, it’s a great opportunity to upgrade your game and forget all about those basic Google sites. Here’s why you should consider coming on board with Garage Services Online and putting a website worthy of your independent garage online:

1. Stay Visible, Stay Found: Gone are the days of relying on Google’s limited platform. With your own website, you control the show. Attract new customers with a powerful online presence that ranks high in searches, letting folks find you easily whether they’re looking for “brake repairs near me” or “BMW specialist near me.”

2. Ditch the Basic, Embrace the Brilliant: Let’s face it, those Google sites were about as exciting as waiting for paint to dry. With our platform, you get a website that’s as sleek and powerful as your toolbox. Showcase your services and shout about what you specialise in; with an added GMS you can even let customers book appointments online – all with a few clicks.

3. From Bare Bones to Bespoke: Forget cookie-cutter solutions. We craft websites tailored to your garage’s unique personality and needs. Whether you’re a one-man show or a multi-bay masterpiece, we’ll build a website that reflects your expertise, specialism and professionalism.

4. Don’t Fear the Switch: We know change can be nerve-wracking. But transitioning to our platform is smooth sailing. We handle everything, from domain registration to content writing, ensuring your new website hits the ground running (or should we say, revving?) on day one.

5. We’re Your Pit Crew: We’re here to support you every step of the way. From initial setup to ongoing maintenance, our team is your expert pit crew, making sure your website runs like a well-oiled machine.

Ditch the limitations…

The Google garage site removal doesn’t have to be a dead end. It can be the start of a brighter, more powerful online presence. Ditch the limitations, embrace the possibilities, and join us at GSO. Let’s build a website that makes your garage the talk of the town!

Remember, the clock is ticking – March 1st is coming! Don’t get left behind. Get your garage online with Garage Services Online and drive your business into the future!

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