Industry experts say time-efficient tools are the key

Managing Director, Jim Lang, one of the aftermarket’s leading online experts, is urging garages to look at how much time their technicians spend carrying out daily tasks.

It’s estimated the number of hours wasted answering the phone and searching for the right spanner, is costing garage owners thousands of pounds a year.

In the latest episode of Tea Break Talk, the podcast that helps busy garage owners run better businesses, Jim talks to Sean Satchwell from Laser Tools and Andy Savva, The Garage Inspector, about the easy steps garages can take to claw back time in their busy day.

Jim said: “We know having a website that’s fully optimised to attract the type of work a garage sees as being its most profitable, will save time answering the phone and dealing with unwanted email enquiries. However, there are so many other ways to maximise a technician’s time.

“Having spoken to Sean and Andy on the podcast, it’s clear that specialist tooling is key to working quickly and efficiently.

“Just like a website, investment in the right tools and equipment will pay for itself in no time – and then actually start making money.”

Find More Time

Sean, national sales manager at Laser Tools added: “Time is the most profitable thing a garage can sell. Even 10 minutes here and there really add up across the month.

“As one of only two companies in Europe that designs and manufactures timing tools and specialist tooling for garages and bodyshops, we speak directly to the owners and technicians to find out what they need to make tasks quicker and easier – and then we go away and create it!

“It could be something as simple as a magnetic pad, so tools are always to hand. Or an inexpensive transmission suspension arm tool that lifts a gear box out in five minutes, instead of half an hour.

“Helping make garages owners’ lives easier is something we’re passionate about. Recently, we worked with a clutch manufacturer to create a robust, four-drawer clutch kit on wheels.”

Andy, the Garage Inspector agrees. He said: “The right website, the right tools and the right training are all so easily accessible these days.