Latest Tea Break Talk Episode Reveals Route to Garage Growth

Episode 4 of Tea Break Talk reveals how the partnership between time-saving workshop tools and being visible online can make garages more profitable. It’s the latest episode of the video podcast that helps busy garage owners maximise their workshop’s efficiency, profitability, and long-term success.

Jim Lang, MD of GSO, podcast host and website expert, and Sean Satchwell, national sales manager at Laser Tools, explain how the unlikely combination of investment in a subscription-based website alongside innovative workshop tools can make more money for time-strapped garages.

Increase Your Revenue Every Day

Sean said: “A lot of tooling and equipment we develop at Laser Tools is about saving time. If a job means the vehicle could be on a ramp for three hours, we want to make it one and a half. That gives one and a half hours back to the garage which can be charged out with another job. That could increase even a small garage’s revenue by a few hundred pounds every day.

“This time saving may come in the form of anything from a hydraulic lift which removes a battery from an electric vehicle, through to a consumables stand ensuring the smallest of parts is always to hand.

“I visited a workshop recently where they’d been waiting two days for an injector washer to come in from a main dealer. Now, with the help of Laser Tools, the garage owner has a full supply of trim clips, nuts, bolts, and washers which he can recharge out as consumable items – and no vehicle backlog.

“The thing is, to maximise the extra time that’s being freed up, garage owners need to ensure they’re filling this new-found ramp capacity by attracting new customers.

These customers are all online, speaking into devices, reading reviews, and generally forming an opinion before they’ve even spoken to anyone. It’s imperative a garage has a good website that reflects its professionalism and feeds the workshop with the jobs it wants – the ones it’s tooled up for.”

Invest In Both Tools and Your Online Presence

Jim agrees. “When a garage has invested in tools and equipment to give it time efficiencies, its website needs to step up and keep the right flow of work coming through. This ensures investment in both the tools and website is paying for itself multiple times over.

“Afterall, if you’ve invested in tools that makes you better than the garage down the road, what good is it if you don’t exist in your customer’s online world?”

Episode 4 of Tea Break Talk is an 8-minute watch, perfect for a busy garage owner’s tea break.

Watch it here, via Amazon, Apple or Spotify or subscribe to Garage Services Online’s YouTube channel.