Instagram Latest Insights

Instagram is fast growing into the platform of choice for independent garage owners.

With an emphasis on video, images, reels and stories, it is a platform you should seriously be considering if you aren’t on there already! So here are the latest insights and advice direct from Meta on getting the most from Instagram. Don’t be scared, have fun…

Some stats:

  • over 2 billion active monthly users, 1.5 billion of whom are active daily.
  • a growth rate of 5.7% compared to Facebook’s 4.5%.
  • Instagram boasts higher engagement rates than Facebook.
  • Instagram Reels remains a dominant force in short-form video content.

So, what are the latest tips from Meta to help with your growth?


Use approx. 7 hashtags and these should be specific and niche to your business, not general high-usage hashtags.


Shorter reels perform best, especially when paired with trending audio (see below). They should be recorded/edited directly on your phone and/or using apps like Canva) but add any text in-app. This is because they realise their editing tools need improving. Lo-fi content is favoured over high production values, as content is more real and relatable.


7 stories are recommended a day. Images with overlay text perform well but see what works for you. Great way to share specific links that may relate to a post. Don’t panic at the thought of 7 a day, here are some ideas to share:

  • Your post(s) from that day, letting your customers know you have a new post on the grid.
  • Photos or quick videos from your day-to-day activities, training, tea breaks, or anything really.
  • Funny content you come across from other accounts that you think your customers will appreciate (be mindful of what you share mind, as it does represent your business, not your personal views).
  • News from your brand partners, new products, services etc.
  • News from automotive publications, Garage Wire, Aftermarket, PMM etc.

Instagram latest insights recommend always trying to use trending audio, ideally with under 10-20k uses. Even if you have audio already on your reel or are talking throughout, add trending audio and adjust the volume so the original volume is 100% and the added trending audio is at 1-4%.


If you do happen to have TikTok, don’t post those videos straight on Instagram. Meta will not outright confirm that they penalise for doing this, but content is definitely less favoured. Try to record it on your phone as a video, then you can upload to either site independently if you have both.


This is a great rule of thumb for all your marketing activity. Stick to a regular posting schedule (3 x a week or more) over a long period and the algorithm will trust you as a regular creator.


Reels are great for reaching new potential followers. Images tend to reach your current followers. So, design your content accordingly.


Collaborations between accounts are valued and pushed so invite others and create content with them (other brands in your industry, local businesses etc.)

­NB: Remember, these are just a snapshot of the latest Instagram insights. The social media landscape constantly evolves, so be sure to check for updates and adjust your strategies accordingly.

Accounts we love!

Edward at Uckfield Motor Services is doing a great job over on his Instagram account. As well as the usual day-to-day information showing through-put work, services offered which demonstrates what kind of work/makes/models they can work on and build trust. He has recently started to create video content to help answer some of the most frequently asked questions he gets as a garage. It makes his account relatable and gives those watching a real insight into their garage as well as educates them. Oh, and occasional features of dogs or kids don’t go a miss either.

Take it to the next level: Record video directly on your phone before uploading it separately to Tik Tok and Instagram, to ensure your content is favoured.

The guys over at K and M Tyres are a fantastic example of an account that has a real community feel. Their content is fresh, fun and really catches the eye.

They go above and beyond with their customers and local communities, which is another great way to really build trust.

They shout about their brand partners, and you know exactly what you are getting from their feed.

Take it to the next level: Speak to brand partners and ask if their social teams if they will collaborate on posts. In ‘Tag People’ invite specific brands/local businesses as a collaborator on those specific posts to build your existing engagement.