Litherland Tyres

The Challenge

Litherland Tyres had a website that was little more than an online brochure. They felt that it was time to refresh their online brand in line with their expanding business. They were particularly keen to focus on car servicing enquiries and integrate their core offering with their specialist Online Tyre Shop.

The Solution

We developed a bespoke website that clearly reflects their key service offerings, tyres, car servicing and MOTs. We also created a powerful 1000 page module designed to intercept search traffic away from the main dealers and chains and promote in-house service at a marque and model level. We included bespoke graphics to indicate the car marques’ Litherland Tyres specialises in and ensured the site is responsive across all devices.


  • 236k impressions in the last 12 months
  • 2.83k clicks
  • Bespoke graphics indicating car marques the garage specialises in.
  • A responsive website that operates seamlessly across all devices.
  • Editable ‘modules’ that link through to key pages for additional information.


See how the website looks across all devices

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