Industry experts share knowledge and insight

Diagnostic Professionals, a unique community of some of the UK’s top technicians, has held its second two-day event at York Motor Factors in North Yorkshire.

The event was attended by over 40 garage technicians. With attendees travelling from Northern Ireland, Scotland, and the south of England.

They were joined by industry experts including Diagnose Dan and Martin Møller from Auto Frontal, Andy Crook from Atomic Success, Ian Newham from GS YUASA batteries, Harry Benny from Howdens, and Jim Lang from garage website provider, Garage Services Online.


The Diagnostic Professionals group, which now has 238 invited members, is unique in that it is free. But is kept purposely small to ensure the integrity of its online support. This often includes knowledge sharing for complex diagnostic problems.

Martyn Hampshire, owner of Autospark garage in Wakefield, has been a member of the group for four years. He said: “We access the Diagnostic Professionals group via Facebook and it’s a huge support.

“If I need a second opinion on something technical, I know some of the best technicians are there to help. We are all experts in our own niches and therefore stronger together.”

The York event was organised by Mark Shipman of AES Auto Electrical Services. It is one of three annual Diagnostic Professionals events that brings its members together in person.

He said: “These events are unique and incredibly valuable to our members. Not only do they gain access to great minds such as Andy Crook for his insight on the future of AFVs, and Jim Lang for how to only attract the type of work you really want, they get to network and swap knowledge.”

Jim Lang, from garage website provider Garage Services Online, concluded: “There’s clearly a huge amount of respect between the members at Diagnostic Professionals. They all have each other’s back, it’s great to be a part of an event that helps run better businesses.”

Garage owners and technicians who wish to apply to become a member of the Diagnostic Professionals group should contact Mark at AES Auto Electrical Services.