Are you paying for a website that simply doesn’t work?

It’s estimated that 75 percent of people will make a judgement about a business’s credibility based on what they find online.

This makes a garage website one of your most valuable assets. It’s your number one salesperson, it answers everyone’s questions, and it has a knack for only booking the jobs you want the most.

Hard Working

It’s easily the hardest working member of staff. It never complains or rings in sick, and works 24 hours a day, every day.

Or at least it should be. But do you even know if your garage’s website is actually working at all?

  • Does it answer customers’ questions at 10 pm?
  • Does it only attract your most profitable jobs and then take the booking?

If the answer is no, it’s not working. You’ve just identified the laziest employee in your business.

So what would you do with a mechanic who wasn’t pulling their weight? Someone who, despite their initial promises, sat in the background, not working, and certainly not earning your garage any money. They wouldn’t be on the payroll for long.

It’s something that we help garages to address.

A Silent Partner

MD, Jim Lang said: “Why, just because a website can’t speak or be seen around the workshop, do so many garage owners put up with something that costs them money but simply doesn’t work?

“If the garage is busy, it probably feels easier to leave it until another day. But what about all the opportunities and enquiries that are being missed? The quick turnaround profitable work that’s going to the nearest competitor?

“It’s vital that garage owners take time to consider how they’re integrating their website within the business. Is it working like a member of the team?

“If you can’t make time, don’t worry. Your potential customers, 75 percent of them to be exact, will do it for you.”

Luckily, you don’t need a solicitor to take care of a virtual employee.

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