Garages missing out on thousands of pounds worth of business

Jim Lang calls for independent garages to audit their websites. A new survey reveals why.

A survey by Garage Services Online has revealed the independent garage sector could be missing out on hundreds and thousands of pounds worth of business because of ineffective websites.

It highlighted nearly two thirds of garage owners don’t know if their website is working properly, being found on Google or even bringing in any business. Of those that did, 65 percent said they knew it was something they needed to address, but weren’t sure where to start.

Speaking first hand to independent garage owners has really highlighted just how much work is probably still going to main dealers and the national chains – mainly because independent garages’ websites aren’t being found for selective work.

Simply having a website is not enough. If it isn’t being found by the search engines, loading quickly or easy for the customer to find the information they need, garages might as well save their money.

The thing is, just a few simple steps can change all that. It doesn’t have to be time-consuming, expensive or complicated. There’s also a lot garages can do themselves to make their sites work more effectively.

Garages need to run a quick audit on their website, starting by searching for a service; for example ‘car servicing near me’ or ‘MOT in Anytown’. If their garage doesn’t appear in any of the results, there’s work to do.

Google favours sites with plenty under the bonnet so to speak. Those that don’t make the grade will be effectively stuck on the hard shoulder.