Garages Must Stop Pulling Work in on Price

Workshop expert says perception is the key to pricing

Andy Savva, The Garage Inspector, has urged garage owners to review their pricing strategy and says workshops need to rethink the way they’ve been charging customers for the last 60 years.

He made the comments in the latest episode of Tea Break Talk, the new YouTube video series hosted by our very own Jim Lang from Garage Services Online, which gives garages straight-talking business advice.

Episode two, released today, sees Andy tell garages that the price their customers expect to pay, is directly affected by how they ‘see’ the garage.

He said: “Just because you’re not set up like a main dealer, doesn’t mean you can’t look, act and present your garage just as much, if not more, professionally than a main dealer.

“From the first impression of your website to how you answer the phone, it all gives the customer a preconceived idea of what they’re willing to pay. And as most garages aren’t charging properly in the first place, they end up pulling in work on price which is just a race to the bottom. That’s not how to run a sustainable and successful garage business.

“I see it all the time, even though the changes needed aren’t expensive or complicated. From getting your website sorted to keeping a script by the phone, it all affects the customer’s expectation of price.

“If you present your business professionally and charge accordingly, you can further invest in tools, equipment, technicians, training and an online presence. These things shouldn’t be seen as a ‘cost’ or ‘nice to have’ – they’re essential.”

Tea Break Talk host, Jim, agrees. “The first impression of a garage is often online. Within five seconds, that customer subconsciously decides how professional you are and how much they expect to pay. And if the website is a real turn-off, they might not even get as far as hearing you answering the phone.”

The full conversation can be heard on episode 2 of Tea Break Talk: ‘What do customers REALLY think of your garage and how does that affect what they pay?’

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